Eddy's Good News: Giant air purifier and The Power Of Mama firefighting team

Virgin Radio

4 Jul 2023, 11:27

Credit: Avesh Gaur & Uffidz Ma’sum

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Tuesday 4th July 2023

Credit: Studio Symbiosis Verto tower

Good news from India and what looks like a beautiful art installation in a public park turns out to be a giant air purifier that’s cleaning over half a million cubic metres of air every day. 

Say namaste to The Verto Tower in New Delhi, imagine a giant pint of German lager in one of those glasses with gentle rococo curves, it’s surface not smooth but waffled in triangular shapes. It could very well be a sculpture but this is so much more.

In a city with some of the world’s worst air pollution, this bad boy hides a huge stack of air filtration cubes which suck in and clean 60,000 cubic metres of air per day, to put that in context imagine a hot air balloon…right? Now imagine the lion’s share of 300 of them? That’s how much air we’re talking about and it can be mass produced, flat packed and will work anywhere. The filters last 9 months. It makes no more noise than a normal blender and is attracting interest from all around the world.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: The Power of Mama

Inspiring news from Borneo and the amazing all woman firefighters tackling forest fires in one of the worst places in the world for a fire to take hold.

Borne’s forests here, some of the most biodiverse on earth. Home to 16,000 species of flora and fauna including, 420 species of birds and 230 species of mammals, it’s also home to the critically endangered Orang Utan, but even more crucially for the human race’s survival are the massive peatlands which are able to hold onto hundreds of millions of tonnes of CO2.

Global heating, combined with male farmers' traditional slash and burn agriculture has led to some catastrophic fires which kill animals, destroy livelihoods and which in the long dry season contribute to a lingering smog which are causing hundreds of thousands of people, especially children to have lung conditions. All of this has inspired and empowered the wives of these farmers. They’ve banded together, been trained in firefighting, move in rapid response cohorts on scooters, armed with drones and smartphones. They’re unleashing the hellish fury of a woman scorned on their husbands and educating them to abandon their irresponsible burning and they’re inspiring women all over the world to break out of their respective paradigms. They’re called ‘The Power Of Mama’ and that’s a name that should strike fear into any fire starting farmer.

Via: positive.news