Tom Holland admits he didn’t know he had to pay for water: ‘I was so behind on my bill!’

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12 Jul 2023, 11:42

Tom Holland on The Jay Shetty Podcast

Credit: YouTube (The Jay Shetty Podcast)

Marvel superstar Tom Holland has confessed he’s picked up some hard life lessons while out working on the road. 

The Spider-Man actor first got his start in The Impossible in 2012 aged just 16, and then made his big break just four years later in Captain America: Civil War in 2016. 

For young star Tom, working on movie sets didn’t exactly instil the responsibilities that real life comes with, and as such, things like paying for water (or any bills) completely passed him by. 

While speaking on the Jay Shetty Podcast, the now 27-year-old admitted life travelling around the world for work has been quite the learning experience.

He explained: “I've done so much of my growing up on the road. I needed to do a lot of growing up at home. Paying my water bill, paying my council tax, and sorting out my bins and all that sort of stuff that they don't teach you at school."

Tom then advocated for schools to get involved early with such life lessons, and shared that he’s just about got a grip on all the adulting he’s missed out on. 

"I think there should be a lesson at school that's called 'Life,' which is like laundry, basic cooking,” he shared. “I didn't realise you had to pay for your water. I just thought that was a luxury of living in England. 

“Yeah, the water comes out the sky and then it comes out your tap. I was so behind on my water bill. I didn't realise, I'm up to date now. Don't worry."

Tom likely had plenty of time to get on top of things after taking a “one-year acting hiatus”.

The actor, who most recently portrayed Danny Sullivan in the harrowing Apple TV+ miniseries The Crowded Room, shocked fans by announcing he would be putting his feet up for a year.

However, speaking on US talk show Live With Kelly and Mark this week, Holland explained he has already been enjoying some R&R and it was nearly time to get stuck into work again.

He said: "It's so funny. Obviously The Crowded Room came out, we didn't have very favourable reviews, so the press story was that I have taken this year off because of the reviews. But I'm eight months into my year off. I've been chilling at home in London, going to Grands Prix, playing golf."

"I've been seeing my family. I've been seeing my friends," he said. "I've been, you know, going to the garden centre and buying plants and doing my best to keep them alive and all that sort of stuff."