Barbie's Rob Brydon reveals Margot Robbie loves Gavin and Stacey: 'I sent her a message as Uncle Bryn'

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12 Jul 2023, 20:08

Rob Brydon and Margot Robbie at the European premiere of Barbie

Credit: Rex

It's officially universal. Everyone loves Gavin and Stacey. Barbie star Margot Robbie thinks the Brit sitcom is tidy and has the seal of approval from the Barbie star, says Rob Brydon.

The comedy star told and other press at the European premiere of the movie about the Barbie actor's soft spot for Uncle Bryn.

He explained why he thinks he got a small part in the long-awaited Hollywood film: “I think this came about because I had a message a few years ago that Margot Robbie was a big fan of Uncle Bryn and would I record a message for her birthday.

"So I recorded a video for her. I think maybe this part is her way of saying thank you. I said, ‘Hello Margot. I've loved you in all your films and I'll tell you for why...’ So when I met her on the set, she said, 'Ah, thank you so much for that message…' So that was quite nice.”

On his short but sweet role as Sugar Daddy Ken, he said: "I've not seen it. My wife and I are in a debate whether I'll be in it for three seconds or four seconds. I mean, all modesty aside, it's going to be very brief.

"I thought Sugar Daddy Ken had connotations but apparently it's his dog who’s called Sugar and he’s his daddy. I was relieved to hear that."

When asked if more men should be like Ken, he agreed: “I say to men all the time, men, find your Ken. He’s surely the way forward."

Will we see him at an Oppenheimer screening anytime soon? He said: “Oppenheimer sounds a little bit [heavy] to me. I'm more team Barbie whether I was in it or not… I don't want to think about all that, but I'm sure it's very good… I don’t want be down on it. Cillian Murphy is astonishing, but I don’t like things that worry me.”

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