Barbie star Simu Liu on playing Ken: 'Nobody cares about Ken! They're Barbie accessories'

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12 Jul 2023, 20:58

Barbie stars Simu Liu and Ryan Gosling

Credit: Rex / Warner Bros

Shang-Chi star Simu Liu has put Barbie's sidekick Ken firmly in his place — or should that be box?

The actor told and other press at the Barbie premiere in London's Leicester Square about the dopey doll coming to life.

He said of the pressure playing the iconic male: "I think Greta [Gerwig] did a really great job of removing that because she was like, Let's be real. Nobody cares about Ken. And I was like, You know what, that's true. Nobody in the history of playing with Barbies and Kens has ever cared about the Ken. 

“The Kens exist as Barbie extenders. They’re Barbie accessories, as they should be. What was so fun about getting to play that deliciously idiotic, stupid dynamic was that there's also a childlike wonder to him and that's what I feel like the Kens are."

He continued: "If you took six-year-old boys who played with each other in the sandbox and pushed each other and called each other names and picked their noses, and then you stretched them out to six foot and put them through puberty and all of a sudden gave them muscles, that's what the Kens are.

"They're just children and so there's nothing innately evil about what they do. They're just doing stuff and they have no idea what the consequences are. They're kicking people, pushing things over and you know that you can't really blame them because they’re just kids."

Simu Liu

Credit: Instagram

So where does 'Ken-ergy' come from? He explained: “Kenergy comes from within. It’s for each and every Ken to define for themselves. Whatever is the most authentic expression of their true spirit and manifest into their world and their body and allow them to feel like their absolute best without hurting anybody else.” 

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