Eddy's Good News: Fascinating finds from South America and a brand new bio-plastic from the USA

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1 Aug 2023, 09:05

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Credit: ORP-PIACI Project

Fascinating news from South America as archaeologists find a pre-Incan ceremonial dance floor that’s better even than the most modern club dance floors that have bass drivers attached to the floor.

Say hello to the dig at Viejo Sangayaico, about 120 miles south of Lima, where Peruvian researchers have discovered an ancient dance floor that was hollow underneath and sonically reinforced with resonant materials to make it boom like thunder when stepped on.

Up to 26 dancers in perfect synchronisation, would have danced and stomped on the floor to make thunderous sounds to honour their gods of thunder and lightning with the awesome backdrop of a mountain behind them. It was right next to an Incan temple dedicated to their god of lightning, which would explain this awesome dancefloor, brilliantly engineered, using layers of resonant organic material, like guano, in the huge acoustic chamber under the dancer’s feet. It must have been an incredible sight, and a quite astonishing sound to go with it.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Jenny Nuss / Berkeley Lab

Encouraging news from the USA and the invention of a brand new bio-plastic that looks to be the first sustainable and infinitely recyclable plastic, that’s infinitely better than plastic and yet can be produced just as cheaply - that’s been the holy grail for bioplastic research.

Say hello to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who’ve managed, rather brilliantly, to crack a double holy grail, if that’s possible…one is cost, the other is recyclability. All bioplastics developed thus far are much more expensive to produce than petrochemical plastic and even though it’s the right thing to do, you can’t rely on greedy companies and shareholders to do that. There has to be a financial incentive and at last polydiketoenamine, or PDK, a plastic made from miraculous microbes, looks like it’s the answer to the ocean’s prayers.

One of the problems with pretty much every plastic is that when you recycle it it loses quality, but this stuff is infinitely recyclable with zero loss of quality and when it’s produced at even a fraction of the huge quantities of fossil fuel based plastic, it’s just as cheap. And it’s just as versatile, from adhesives, to flexible computer cables to even building materials, car bumpers or dashboards, all of these things can be made with this marvellous stuff. Fingers crossed it catches on!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org