Danny Dyer in talks for sequel to cult football film

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1 Aug 2023, 14:28

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Comical cockney and TV 'hard man' Danny Dyer is potentially returning to a role he hasn't played for nearly two decades.

Danny Dyer has decided to move from the east end to the southwest of London, as he may once again play Chelsea fan and football hooligan, Tommy Johnson, in an upcoming sequel to cult movie The Football Factory.

The Sun has apparently acquired information that suggests the ex-EastEnders favourite has met with the original film’s director Nick Love to discuss the new script.

The film made Dyer a household name, despite it underground status, and a return to the role would serve as a great thank you to fans ahead of the 20th anniversary next May of the release of the original, which followed violent supporters.

Dyer's character alongside his best friend Rod King, played by Hijack star Neil Marshall, revelled in the drinking and fighting that came with being in a football 'firm'.

However, after a particularly serious run in with another group of thugs, Dyer's character, Tommy, starts to question his morals, and those of his friends.

Dyer in The Football Factory

Credit: Rex

The Sun's source said: “Danny is a free agent after leaving EastEnders and he has been in talks with the director Nick about a sequel to The Football Factory.

“The film ended with Danny’s character Tommy recovering from being battered by a group of Millwall fans.

“The idea is that the new project would follow Tommy in the years that followed, what happened in the firm and the new generation coming up behind him.

“Danny said at the time that the film was about so much more than hooliganism. It was about men and their complex relationships.

“And given how much the world has changed over the past two decades, there is plenty of scope for new themes.

“Naturally, football will be at the heart of it so fans can expect violence and hilarious one-liners. Danny has a lot of love for the film and has spoken to Nick about how it could work.

“It would mean defecting from his beloved real-life club West Ham for Chelsea again but Danny is happy to put on the shirt for another pop.

“There’s an eager audience for this kind of gritty, British film and if they can get the script right, they think it could be a massive success.”

Frank Harper, famed for his role in the Guy Ritchie classic Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, is also expected to reprise his role as Billy, head of the Chelsea firm who was imprisoned for seven years at the end of the first film.

Last month, Dyer teased fans of the movie by posting a photo on Instagram of himself with director Nick Love.

He also captioned it with a confirmation of the pair discussing the upcoming project.

As well as The Football Factory, the pair also worked on Danny’s 2005 gangster movie The Business.

Dyer's caption. read: “Just had a strong meet with the beautiful Nick Love . . . gonna get back on the horse with him.

“A f***ing powerful thing is coming.”