‘It was excruciating’ - Ricky Wilson shares ‘ridiculous’ part of recording music with Nile Rodgers

Virgin Radio

4 Nov 2023, 12:04

(L-R) Ricky Wilson at Virgin Radio, Nile Rodgers

Credit: Virgin Radio / Getty

Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson has revealed the rather unique behind-the-scenes moment he shared with Nile Rodgers on their brand new single, Feeling Alright. 

The Virgin Radio Drivetime host released the track last week (Wednesday 25th October), as part of their upcoming record, Easy Eighth Album.

The upbeat dance tune includes something called a “party track,” which Ricky described as “one of the most excruciating things you can do in the music industry,” while opening up about the song during his show on Friday (3rd November). 

Going into detail about the nitty gritty production elements, the singer said: “It goes underneath the tracks to make it sound like people having a good time. It’s like claps, like clapping along, but like with extra added people going ‘hey! Whoa! I’m having a great time!” 

Those voices heard on Feeling Alright actually came from Ricky, Rudimental’s Amir Amor and the legendary Nile Rodgers, who were all “in a tiny booth pretending to enjoy ourselves at 11am in the morning.”

Clearly feeling it more than Ricky, the Le Freak hitmaker started saying “ridiculous things” during their recording session, including “where are the drinks? Are they on ice?”

“It was just background noise,” Ricky added. “That’s what we wanted, and tell you what, it was excruciating but it will be a memory that will be burnt into my memory forever and I love it completely.”

The sounds of Ricky, Amir and Nile yelling into the abyss for a “party track” can be found on the Kaiser Chiefs’ new record, Easy Eighth Album, which is out 1st March 2024. 

Speaking on behalf of the band, Ricky said on his Drivetime show last month: “We’re excited about it." He then explained the album’s title, saying: “We wanted to make an easy eighth album as opposed to a difficult second…

“So this was an absolute piece of cake,” he added.

Describing lead single Feeling Alright as “the best song ever,” Ricky admitted that you can hear Rodgers “all over it,” adding: “He had his guitar so high up you couldn’t believe it!”

Kaiser Chiefs have also revealed they’re going on tour in April 2024 to celebrate the new album release. “We’re doing eight shows in some really incredible venues,” the musician explained, adding that tickets would be going on sale soon.

“And keep your ears peeled to this very show, because over the next few weeks we may be giving you a chance to win tickets!” he teased.

Kaiser Chiefs’ next album, Kaiser Chiefs’ Easy Eighth Album will be released 1st March 2024. For details about their upcoming tour and their ticket presale, head to: Kaiserchiefs.com

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