Eddy's Good News: Saving jungle habitat and a young boys inventions to help his uncle

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13 Nov 2023, 10:26

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Monday 13th November 2023

Credit: Palm oil and the forest in Sentabai Village, West Kalimantan- CIFOR, CC 4.0.

We’ve all heard about how palm oil, when produced unsustainably, has destroyed so much jungle habitat in Southeast Asia, now the Indonesian government has enacted laws that allow them to do something about it at last.

During the boom palm oil companies just hacked and burned down at least half a million acres of jungle and turned it into a monocrop nightmare.

Now they have legislation to act on, the government have set up a task force to go through every single plantation and every one that’s on protected land will be uprooted and rewilded back to the jungle habitat it and the animals that should be living in it, rightfully deserve, with legal action on the cards for any palm oil company that doesn’t play ball.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Aarrav Anil

A Heart warming tech update from India as we say Namaste to Aarrav Anil whose fascination with electronics and mechanics started aged just ten when he saw his Uncle  - who has Parkinson’s  - spill his food all over his trousers because the tremor in his hand was so bad.

Aarrav asked his mum for a techy Lego set for his next birthday and set about building a spoon that could change his uncle’s life. Using miniature motors, sensors and microelectronics, the youngster designed and 3-D printed the smart spoon, which his uncle has road tested and with such success that a college of physiotherapy in Southern India have given him feedback to tweak it a little then do a small production run, initially for hospitals, then beyond, because his spoon is so comparatively cheap to make that it’s within the budget range of about 7 million Indians with Parkinson’s.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org