Lucinda Cowden admits feeling 'devastated' after Mel's Neighbours happy ending was ripped up

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13 Nov 2023, 11:14

Lucinda Cowden as Mel in Neighbours, hugging Ryan Moloney as Toadie

Credit: Freemantle/X (formerly Twitter) (@Neighbours)

Neighbours’ Lucinda Cowden has admitted she felt devastated on discovering how Mel’s relationship with Toadie (Ryan Moloney) would be ripped up for the rebooted series.

Speaking exclusively to about Neighbours’ much-anticipated flashback week, the actress said Mel losing her happy ending was a “devastating” development for her character.

“I thought it was devastating for Mel,” she said, adding: “I felt sorry [for her], you know… I really loved being a part of that family unit and working with Ryan.

“I felt like I’d built a whole lot of stuff up,” she added, however she conceded gracefully: “But that’s how you create drama. You know what I mean?”

As a soap opera, when Amazon revealed it was taking over Neighbours to prevent the show from coming to an end, it became obvious to all involved that its previous finale’s happy endings would have to be ripped up to some extent.

However, fans were still shocked to discover quite how much had changed in Erinsborough after the new season’s two year time gap, as Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Mel’s relationships with Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) were torn apart with little explanation.

This week, fans are finally getting some answers, as it is revealed that Melanie is a fugitive from the law following a previous run in with the mysterious Krista, and it is suggested that it was something related to the two meeting again prior to Mel’s wedding which began the path to why she and Toadie eventually split up.

“I knew before I came back that they were splitting me and Ryan up,” Lucinda continued. “They told me at the time the whole reason why Mel doesn’t come back,” she added, before teasing: “But still, [despite] knowing that it read off the page so incredibly, so excitingly, that it was a real revelation reading it. It was great.”

Another twist which viewers have waiting for them this week is the return of fan favourite couple David and Aaron, but just how they link into everything that’s going down Down Under remains to be seen for now.

Neighbours continues every Monday to Thursday on Amazon Freevee.