Shirley Ballas reveals Amy Dowden 'hopes to dance by the Strictly Christmas shows'

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13 Nov 2023, 11:25

Amy Dowden, Shirley Ballas

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Shirley Ballas has revealed how Amy Dowden is hoping to join her fellow Strictly Come Dancing stars by the Christmas shows later this year.

The Welsh dancer revealed her stage three breast cancer diagnosis in May 2023. She hasn’t been able to compete on this show this year, but bravely returned to Strictly in October, weeks after making the decision to shave her head

In a new interview with The Independent, head judge Shirley praised Amy for going wigless during her recent stop by the ballroom, adding: “I talk to Amy about once a week – she's one of the most powerful, strong ladies that I know.

"She wanted to share with the nation – with any small children, anybody going through the same as her – and say, 'Look, I'm on national television, this is what I'm dealing with. And it's OK.’”

It turns out Amy, who recently celebrated her final chemotherapy treatment, is hoping to finish out the year on a high by taking part in the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas shows, according to Shirley. 

She added: “She is hoping to dance by the Christmas shows – and I wouldn't be surprised if she does, you know, God willing.

"This show doesn't leave anybody behind. When you're on board, they're very protective. If you choose to leave, then that's your choice. But whilst you're under this umbrella, they're always very, very aware of what situations you're going through or what's going on in your life."

Shirley’s comments come just a few days after Amy shared the brilliant news that she has finished her chemo treatment.

Writing in an Instagram post on Thursday, 9th November, the pro dancer revealed: “It’s chemo number eight! The last one! We are finally here.”

“I’m so lucky and grateful to be able to ring that bell!” she wrote ahead of her final round of treatment. “Will never take it for granted! Thank you to the incredible Sheldon Unit! You are all amazing #nhs, all #trueheroes.”

After having her eighth and final chemo, Amy returned to Instagram with another celebratory post writing: “Today all three of us ring that chemo bell!” in reference to the other women who joined her getting their final treatment.

“32, 35 and 26 when all diagnosed with breast cancer” she continued, listing their ages to make an important point. “So please this is a note from us three to check your chest! Our wish to you all is [to] remember to monthly check!”

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday 18th November at 6.40pm, with the results show on Sunday 19th November at 7.20pm on BBC One.