Big Brother's Chanelle responds to 'frustrating' misconceptions about her time in the house

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13 Nov 2023, 15:38

Chanelle on Big Brother

Credit: Rex

Chanelle wants to clear the air around how some viewers reacted to her time in the Big Brother house.

Speaking exclusively to following her eviction last Friday, Chanelle revealed she was upset to find she came across as “bitchy” to some during her time in the house.

“I don’t want to criticise edits in any kind of way,” she clarified, sympathising with those behind the show who have their work cut out trying to fit a day of life into one 45-minute-long episode.

“But it’s been shown that I could be seen as bitchy, and things like that, and that’s really not the case,” she added. She continued by explaining that she felt the show seemed to suggest she spent all her time talking about absent housemates with her friends, but this wasn’t the case.

“There were times when I would shut conversations down and be like ‘Guys, enough. We’re not doing this anymore’,” she revealed, adding: “But that didn’t get shown, so that’s a bit frustrating.”

The dental therapist also defended her choice in “minor situations” to talk to her friends rather than “confront” the people involved because the situation didn’t seem serious enough to her to warrant an actual argument.

“If confiding in your friends and getting things off your chest so you don’t get to a breaking point is being bitchy, how do you navigate through whatever emotions and feelings [you have.]?” she asked rhetorically.

Speaking about her eviction, the Welsh woman was seemingly at peace with having had to leave the Big Brother house ahead of the final week.

“When you’re in the house, you get to a point where you’re ready to leave. So I was at that point where if I went, I was happy with it. If I stayed, I would have been thrilled,” she explained.

“For me, it wasn’t about getting to the final. I’m actually super proud of myself that I managed what, like five weeks in there?” Chanelle added, before reflecting: “Obviously if I had got to the final it would have been amazing, but at the same time, I was happy to leave. It does start to get a lot in there.”

On her eviction experience, she admitted: “Nothing prepares you for when you come out to [the crowd],” but added thankfully: “The good [reaction] definitely outweighs the bad.”

Big Brother’s final week on TV continues on ITV2 and ITVX from 9pm.