'There's over a hundred' - Wish producers admit they're 'still discovering' all the Disney Easter eggs

Virgin Radio

24 Nov 2023, 15:49

Disney's Wish

Credit: Disney

If you’re watching Wish at the cinemas this weekend, you might want to keep an eye out for some sneaky Easter eggs. 

The Disney animation, starring Ariana DeBose and Chris Pine, is out on the big screen now, and follows Asha, who lives in the kingdom of Rosas. One day, she makes a wish so powerful that it’s answered by a cosmic force—a ball of boundless energy called Star. 

Asha and Star confront the formidable King Magnifico (Pine) to overcome the evil rising in Rosas and fight for a better future for their people.

Eagle-eyed fans might be able to spot tiny glimmers of movies from Disney’s past within Wish, including Pinocchio, Cinderella and Princess and the Frog, as a way to honour the classics. 

While chatting to virginradio.co.uk and other press and the Wish UK premiere on Monday (20th November), producer Peter Del Vecho admitted he's “still discovering” some of the callbacks made throughout the film to some of the movies that paved the way for Wish. 

Peter said: “There's probably over a hundred, but most importantly, the story itself stands on its own with all its original fairy tale, original characters, original song. Everything else just evokes what makes a Disney movie wonderful.”

Wish writer Jennifer Lee, who was also behind the Frozen films, added that she originally tried to stay away from including Easter eggs, other than inputting the inspiration behind certain characters. 

“Asha was inspired a bit by Walt Disney,” she clarified, but after starting production, it became clear that hints of Disney’s past deserved a spot in their latest animated adventure. 

Jennifer added: “This is really a celebration. It's not, let's not take yourself too seriously. Let's giggle! Let's hide things and see if we can even find them. I think the team had a lot of fun, but we tried to make sure we had it'd be additive when we're in a time for laughter, but not distracting when it was a time for focus. I think they did a great job with balancing that.”

Elsewhere, West Side Story’s Ariana told virginradio.co.uk how proud she was to play a Disney heroine who longed for more than just a Prince Charming

Ariana explained: “This movie, and Asha herself, accomplishes that and opens the door for Disney to go in a completely new direction where it's not about finding love for a young woman, where it doesn't have to be about the ambition of starting a business, but you can have the ambition to just make the world a better place in different ways.”

She continued: “It is important that heroines or princesses don't all have blonde hair and blue eyes. You could have brown eyes, and dark hair or braids! It's great.”

Wish is out in cinemas now.