Gemma Atkinson's take on surname change ahead of wedding to Gorka Márquez

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24 Nov 2023, 17:19

Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Márquez

On her podcast The Overshare, Gemma Atkinson playfully discussed the possibility of taking on Gorka's surname.

Gemma Atkinson, the delightful actress from Hollyoaks and Emmerdale, has opened up about her impending marriage to Strictly Come Dancing pro Gorka Márquez.

In her characteristic candid style, Gemma shared: "In my case, we will get married, but it won't change how I feel for him. I love him so much anyway, whereas he sees it [as] 'I'm going to love her so much more.'" Gemma couldn't help but express her amusement, adding: "And I think, 'How can you love me more?' I mean, nothing's going to change other than we'll have the same name. But it's so much more significant for him."

The couple's dynamic is heartwarmingly quirky, with Gorka showing enthusiasm for the shared surname idea. However, Gemma remains easygoing about the decision, emphasising that the depth of their connection goes beyond a name change.

When it comes to the grandiosity of a wedding ceremony, Gemma revealed the humorous twist in their preferences: "He'd go to a registry office tomorrow and do it," she shared: "he just says that 'I would love the fact that we've all got the same name. It's a family unit,' whereas I see the fact that we've had two babies is more of a commitment than just me having his name on the end of it."

Ever playful, Gemma teased Gorka, saying: "'If you want, I can put the name on the end of it anyway, no one needs to know it's not a real marriage.' He's like, 'No, I want to do it!'" It seems like Gemma is ready for a good laugh and perhaps a touch of mischief as they navigate this decision.

The couple, who announced their engagement in February 2021, has shared their journey with fans, and Gemma's light-hearted take on the surname change adds a charming layer to their love story.

While a quick trip to the registry office might be ruled out by now, the anticipation and humour surrounding their impending nuptials continue to keep fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Gemma and Gorka's love story.