Eddy's Good News: The brilliance of young minds and a flying electric passenger boat

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1 Dec 2023, 10:11

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Friday 1st December 2023

Credit: The Golden Capsule – James Dyson Foundation

The third story from the Dyson awards this year is a reflection of how brilliant young minds are getting these days.

The tech award rewards young inventors worldwide and the latest sees a team of Korean minds who were inspired by the images they saw of the horrific earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. They saw emergency workers carrying people over treacherous terrain while trying to hold life saving plasma bags above them, because these things work with gravity.

Wouldn’t it be great, they thought, to have an IV bag that works by air pressure? So that’s what they invented. You can tie this to the patient, it can go below them, alongside them, wherever is convenient. There were over 55,000 killed and over 100,000 people injured in just that earthquake so this disaster bag - called The Golden Capsule - which uses elastics and air pressure to deliver life saving plasma or drugs has received the Dyson Award For International Effort 2023.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Candela

What’s better than an electric passenger boat? A flying electric passenger boat, of course, as we say hello to Sweden’s Candela P-12, a 30 seat hydrofoil that’s going into mass production in 2024 having passed all its tests with flying colours.

The world’s first electric flying passenger ship has a top speed of 30 knots, (35 mph) a record for electric passenger vessels, plus a range of up to 50 nautical miles, this bad boy can do anything required of a coastal passenger ferry. 

The most brilliant thing about this, pushing past the zero emissions thing, is the minimal wake., It causes such a small disturbance that it’s exempt from speed limits, as the P-12 will neither erode coastlines nor damage docks and moored ships, even at full speed. The good news continues, these things cut ‘fuel’ costs by up to 90% compared to diesel vessels. The motors require minimal servicing, and the vessel is designed for single-crew operation, which further slashes costs. How long before we see these going to the Isle Of Wight!?

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org