'We rip each other apart' - Gary and Martin Kemp reveal no joke 'off limits' for The Kemps: All Gold

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15 Dec 2023, 10:10

Gary and Martin Kemp with other The Kemps: All Gold stars

Credit: BBC

Gary and Martin Kemp are back for another hilarious mockumentary outing which takes a pop at their lives in and out of the spotlight.

The Kemps: All Gold is an hour-long comedy once again written and directed by comedian Rhys Thomas, and which promises to be even more savage than the last in the way it pokes fun at the pair’s showbiz (and not so showbiz) lives.

Me and Gary rip each other apart,” Martin teased proudly at an event premiering the episode at BFI Southbank. “So [we’re] nothing, we’re just skin and bones. And I think if you do that, then you’re allowed to reach out and [make fun] of other people,” he continued.

The pair insisted during the interview that nothing in their lives was "off limits" for the show to poke fun at. “The fun about this is that Gary and I are open to everything,” the Spandau Ballet star said. 

“You know, I think if we made this 20 years ago there would have been a lot that we were vetoing as we took ourselves more seriously. But towards the end of our careers now, we can laugh at it,” Martin finished.

Much of the pair’s confidence in making their mockumentary also comes off the back of the success of their first, The Kemps: All True, in 2020.

“We’ve spent a lot of time with Rhys now and he knows who we are,” Gary elaborated. “He knows our characters. He knows our, you know... the things that we try and hide from the general public!”

Rhys was full of compliments for how willing the pair were to make fun of themselves and of course, each other. “They’re so happy to make a fool of themselves, we are very, very lucky,” the filmmaker shared at the premiere event.

He also said as Gary suggested: “After doing the first one we knew what worked the first time around. [So] we wanted to bring a lot more characters in, more of a sitcom element.”

Among the guest stars of this year’s episode are Christopher Eccleston, Danny John Jules, Tamzin Outhwaite, Lenny Rush and Status Quo’s Francis Rossi.

The Kemps: All Gold will air on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer on Friday, 29th December at 10pm.