‘A different world’ - After The Flood's Sophie Rundle on revisiting a police role after Happy Valley

Virgin Radio

18 Dec 2023, 13:55

Sophie Rundle in After The Flood

Credit: ITV

Happy Valley star Sophie Rundle has revealed what it was like to don the police uniform once again for ITV’s latest gripping cop series, After The Flood. 

The mysterious thriller is set in a small town completely devastated by a dangerous flood, and when an unidentified man is found dead in an underground car park, PC Joanna Marshall (Rundle) becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to him. 

Sophie knows a thing or two about police dramas, having starred as PC Kirsten McAskill in Happy Valley, but despite her acting history, the Peaky Blinders star revealed the world of After The Flood felt completely “different.”

Speaking at a recent Q+A ahead of the launch of the ITV show, Sophie told virginradio.co.uk and other press: “I remember on [Happy Valley] we spent time with police officers and we went around and that was really useful, that stayed with me a long time actually. I remembered a lot of that. But it felt like a different world.”

“[Joanna] feels like someone I hadn't played before. I still got very excited when I put my police uniform on. It's funny going back and seeing…lot of time has passed since Happy Valley, it is quite strange to kind of revisit and come back."

Sophie worked with a “police adviser” Lisa who was also the expert on Happy Valley too, and reuniting with her allowed the actress to learn how real investigators worked.

“She would be there each day telling us things that we were doing wrong or how we would do things or how we would say something so that was sort of invaluable.”

Gentleman Jack star Sophie is joined by Philip Glenister on After The Flood. The Life on Mars actor will take the role of property developer Jack Radcliffe.

Meanwhile, Lorraine Ashbourne (Bridgerton) will be joining them as Joanna’s mother Molly, alongside Nicholas Gleaves (The Crown) as Sergeant Phil Mackey, Jo’s boss.

Rundle’s real life fiancé Matt Stokoe will be playing her husband Pat in the series, with Jonas Armstrong (The Bay) and Jacqueline Boatswain (Carnival Row) rounding off the cast.

After the Flood will premiere on 10th January on ITV1 and ITVX