The Traitors series 2 unleashes shocking murder cliffhanger in latest episode

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13 Jan 2024, 10:24

L to R: Miles, Jaz, and Paul in The Traitors

Credit: BBC

Unraveling the deception: murder in plain sight leaves viewers on edge.

In the riveting sixth episode of The Traitors series 2, viewers were left on the edge of their seats as the remaining Traitors, Paul, Harry, and Miles, faced an unprecedented challenge: to carry out a murder in plain sight.

Host Claudia Winkleman assigned the trio a secret mission, thrusting them into a cloak-and-dagger scenario that would inevitably alter the course of the nail-biting series.

As the episode unfolded, tension reached new heights as the Traitors clandestinely convened outside, tasked with selecting a player to eliminate by offering them a poisoned chalice.

In a shocking turn of events, Miles was seen handing Diane the ominous chalice just before the credits rolled, leaving audiences gripped with anticipation.

The Traitors series 2 has reached its halfway point, weaving a complex narrative that has witnessed the departure of six Faithful and only one Traitor so far.

In an earlier segment of the episode, two more Faithful faced the chopping block. Anthony, with six votes against him, was banished by his fellow contestants, who were blindsided to discover his Faithful allegiance.

"They're getting out the strong people. Anthony was a strong Faithful, he was a good Faithful," expressed a gleeful Harry, reflecting on the unmasking of yet another Faithful.

He added: "I'm just sat there like, 'None of you have a scooby what's going on behind the scenes.' We've literally got them in the palm of our hands."

The departure of Tracey further intensified the intrigue, as the Traitors orchestrated her murder overnight, skilfully ensuring that her exit wouldn't lead back to any of them.

The aftermath saw suspicions cast on Anthony, Andrew, Zack, and Ross.

Accusations flew at the round table, with Charlie pointing fingers at Ross for being a Traitor, while Zack and Andrew also faced scrutiny.

In a thrilling twist, the contestants engaged in their first night-time mission, delving into a spooky graveyard for a gold hunt.

The challenge required them to search for money with an added complication – avoiding elimination if caught by a moving spotlight. Despite numerous eliminations, the group successfully added £7,250 to the prize pot, with Jasmine securing a shield.

The latest episode concluded with a Friday night cliffhanger, leaving viewers pondering the fate of the Traitors' next victim.

Will the covert murder mission succeed without detection, or will the Traitors find themselves exposed in the high-stakes game of deception? The gripping narrative of The Traitors series 2 promises more surprises and twists as it hurtles towards its thrilling climax.

The Traitors series 2 airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Wednesday, Thursday,and Friday nights.