Rebecca Ferguson admits to making major mistake about Dune: Part Two on live TV

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16 Feb 2024, 12:28

Rebecca Ferguson on the Dune Part Two red carpet

Credit: Getty

Rebecca Ferguson has admitted she made a big mistake about her Dune: Part Two role while being interviewed on Live TV recently.

Dune: Part Two continues the story of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) as he seeks revenge against the individuals who brought ruin to his family, and attempts to avoid the terrible future he sees for his planet Caladan. 

Speaking with and other press at the world premiere for the film, Ferguson, who plays Lady Jessica in Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of the franchise, shared how she made a gaffe about the production during an appearance on The One Show.

“Marianne Faithful - the singer who has this husky voice - so, she does my voice, and I didn’t know that,” she admitted. “I did The One Show… and I said ‘Margaret’, which was completely wrong, on live television!

“Thank God I didn’t do that now, I’ve got it now,” she added light-heartedly.

The Mission Impossible actress was full of love for several of her other co stars while chatting on the Dune: Part Two red carpet.

“Timothée is a fantastic actor, there’s so many wonderful actors on this set. I had a lot of fun with Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Florence Pugh, naughty Austin [Butler] - I mean, it’s a potpourri of greatness,” she joked.

She also shared how although there isn’t a Dune group chat, she is regularly in touch with Oscar Isaac and Josh Brolin. “We text all the time,” she said.

On the topic of the film’s director Denis Villeneuve, Ferguson gushed: “Denis for me, he’s like this little nugget of… like he’s a little chocolate wrapping thing. 

“And then you’ll stand there and talk and all of a sudden he has an idea and he just goes ‘Wait!’ and just walks away because he’s in his head… studying him is the best [thing] ever… We all would learn all the time.”

Dune: Part Two is out in cinemas on 1st March.