Eddy's Good News: Gaza’s para-cyclists and a fascinating find from the stone age

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16 Feb 2024, 16:38

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Friday 16th February 2024

Credit: Positive News/Mohamed Soleimane

The most inspiring story coming out of this horrendous war in Gaza is a symbol of human resilience, Gaza’s para-cyclists ride through a warzone delivering aid to displaced people.

Imagine a man with a prosthetic leg and crutches, haggling with veg vendors in the city of Rafah, then delivering food on a mountain bike to some of the 1.5 million people driven from their homes. Imagine no longer, this incredible and inspiring man and his team are doing just that.

Credit: Positive News/Mohamed Soleimane

Gaza Sunbirds, a nonprofit, was formed in 2020 to provide cycling development to Palestinian para-athletes so they can participate in international tournaments, including the 2024 Paralympics. It’s a dream that the 25-member team has had to put on hold since the war started. 

The athletes, all aged between 18 and 26, lost their limbs during previous Israeli attacks on Gaza, and are now drawing worldwide attention for their incredible bravery and selflessness.

Via: positive.news

Credit: Reconstruction of this fascinating 11,000 year old wall - Michał Grabowski

In the autumn of 2021, geologists discovered an unusual row of stones, more than half a mile long, just 21 metres below the sea off the Baltic coast.

It’s sort of like a road, but too bumpy and high to be one, and it’s 11,000 years old, there were no roads then. I mean the entire population of Northern Europe then was around 5,000 people, which is mindblowing in itself. Imagine everyone in Europe would only half fill the O2. They think this was built by early hunters to kill reindeer which migrated through this region and must have been a really important food source at the time.

3D model of a short section of the stone wall – Credit: P. Hoy, University of Rostock, model created using Agisoft Metashape by J. Auer, LAKD M-V<br>

Remember these people were hunting with wooden spears and clubs, imagine having to bring down a massive reindeer with something like that!? They would have corralled them with this structure perhaps to a little bay or inlet where they could more easily bring a few down with those most primitive of weapons.

Similar structures have interestingly been found in places like America, Lake Huron to be precise where they were hunting caribou. (basically American reindeer - tomAto tomato!). Fascinating stuff!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org