ITV Dancing on Ice star Amber Davies faces icy setback ahead of semi-final

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3 Mar 2024, 15:25

Credit: Instagram/@amber_d/

Concerns emerge as Amber Davies takes a tumble on the ice.

Former Love Island sensation Amber Davies has encountered a frosty challenge in her Dancing on Ice journey, suffering a painful injury during rehearsals just days before the highly anticipated semi-finals.

The young star, known for her charisma on the dance floor, experienced a 'nasty fall' that left her fans concerned about her future in the competition.

Amber candidly shared the aftermath of her mishap on social media, posting a photo revealing a noticeable bump on her thigh.

Alongside the image, she humorously captioned, 'Nice fall this afternoon. The lump,' accompanied by a crying face emoji. T

he visual impact of the injury sparked speculation among fans about the possibility of her withdrawal from the show.

Swiftly addressing the concerns, a spokesperson from Dancing on Ice reassured fans that Amber would be resilient despite the setback.

"Amber is skating as normal tomorrow. All contestants are supported by the Dancing on Ice medical professionals throughout the process."

The statement aimed to quell any rumours circulating about Amber's participation in the upcoming semi-final.

Amber herself provided a reassuring glimpse into her recovery, sharing a video on her Instagram Stories.

The clip featured her back on the ice, rehearsing with her partner Simon Proulx-Senecal.

In the footage, she was spun around and lifted into the air, showcasing her determination to overcome the injury.

Amber's good spirits and evident lack of significant pain relieved her concerned followers and solidified the expectation that she would indeed grace the ice in the semi-finals.

Throughout the competition, Amber has been an active participant in sharing her Dancing on Ice journey on social media.

From documenting her favourite moments to showcasing her resilience after challenging performances, she has allowed fans a glimpse into the highs and lows of the intense competition.

One standout achievement that Amber celebrated on February 11 was successfully executing the infamous headbanger—a daring move where the skater is lifted by the ankle and spun around by their partner.

Delighted with the accomplishment, she expressed her gratitude to supporters: "OH MY GOSH!!! I said if I was to ever do @dancingonice I'd want to do the headbanger & I've actually just done that. Thank you so much AGAIN for voting for us, I had a REALLY tough week this week - so my main goal tonight was to literally just HAVE FUN! And that's what we did."

Having triumphed over an intense skate-off last Sunday against Olympic skier Eddie the Eagle, Amber secured her spot in the semi-finals.

She also saw through the much celebrated run of episodes for guest judge and figure skating legend Johnny Weir.

Weir appeared on the show as a part time replacement for Ashley Banjo, who himself suffered from an injury, and won fans over, with many calling for him to become a permanent addition.

Amber's resilience and ability to impress the judges even under pressure earned her the chance to compete alongside other talented contestants, each vying for a coveted spot in the finals.

As the semi-finals unfold, fans eagerly await Amber's captivating performance, hoping she'll glide through the competition with the grace and flair that have defined her Dancing on Ice journey so far.

Dancing on Ice airs on Sundays at 6.30pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.