Angela Scanlon was 'seething' after her appearance on Michael McIntyre's The Wheel

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3 Mar 2024, 17:00

L to R: Angela Scanlon

Credit: Instagram/@angelascanlon

Angela Scanlon reveals hilarious anecdotes and slight displeasure from The Wheel experience.

As Angela Scanlon gracefully takes the reins of The Graham Norton Show with Waitrose, she's not just dishing out Graham's greatest hits but also weaving in tales from her own star-studded journey.

While the spotlight has shone brightly on Angela, her recent escapade on Michael McIntyre's The Wheel brought a surprising twist—one that left her, dare we say, 'seething.'

Since Angela's dazzling stint on Strictly Come Dancing, her star has been rising faster than a soufflé in a hot oven.

One such adventure led her to the spinning spectacle of Michael McIntyre's The Wheel.

The show, with its quirky format and a wheel larger than a Big Ben minute hand, involves celebrities helping contestants to answer questions on the celeb's specialist subjects, hoping to add some sweet cash to the ever-expanding bank.

Angela, with her expertise in all things Irish, found herself in the midst of the spinning wheel of fortune.

However, things took an unexpected turn when a contestant, in a move that could be seen as bold or brash, chose Ireland as the subject to 'get out of the way.' Now, for Angela, whose Irish roots are as cherished as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, this decision raised an eyebrow or two. She recounted the moment with her characteristic humour:

"The contestant says, 'I suppose we have to get this one out of the way.' You know how the wheel works. So you sit and there's a contestant in the middle. There's subjects around him in like cheese wedges. And he said the subject he wanted to get out of the way was Ireland. Come as no surprise to that that was my particular area of expertise. Anyway, it didn't land on me. I can't remember if he even got the question right or wrong. And then he blocked. Oh, he must have got it right. Because he stayed on he blocked me in the next round."

Ah, the nuances of game shows, where contestants strategise and subjects face the risk of being "blocked" like an unwanted social media follower. Angela's specialist subject, chosen seemingly to expedite the process, was dealt a swift, rotational blow. The contestant survived the round, Angela graciously applauded the contestant's blocking strategy, but oh, the inner turmoil!

"So Tony loyally switched off. I liked that. Tony says, 'you were professional self as always.' I sure was, I mean, inside, I was seething."

The revelation of Angela's subtle discontent added a sprinkle of cheekiness to her radio show banter. She might have been 'seething' internally, but her wit and charm on air remained intact.

The contestant, perhaps oblivious to the lingering Irish ire, was sent back to the metaphorical dungeon.

As Angela quipped: "Karma will get you in the end, you know."

In the whimsical world of game shows, where the wheel spins and contestants strategise, Angela Scanlon brought a dash of Irish humour and a hint of playful disgruntlement to The Wheel.

As she navigates the airwaves, sharing tales from her diverse career, listeners can't help but chuckle at the delightful mishaps and the unexpected twists that make Angela's storytelling as entertaining as the shows she hosts.

Keep those wheels spinning, Angela!