‘Wasn’t expecting that’ - Love Rat fans react to shock TWIST in finale

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15 Mar 2024, 08:53

Credit: X @channel5_tv

The final episode of Love Rat has revealed the fate of Emma and Pete, and fans have had their say on the drama’s shocking conclusion.

The Channel 5 series, which has aired in four-parts this week, follows Sally Lindsay’s Emma as she is swept off her feet while on holiday in Cyprus, only for her dream to soon become a nightmare, when she is scammed out of her life’s savings.

Following on from the previous instalment, which saw George (Ramon Tikaram) kill Niko (Gerald Kyd), Pete (Neil Morrissey) kill George, and Emma hand herself in to the police (are you keeping up?), episode four sees Emma lead Christina (Louiza Patikas) to the location where she believes Annika's body is hidden. And it turns out that she is right.

As Emma is reunited with Pete - who it turns out didn’t get on the plane - the police drop their charges, satisfied that Emma acted in self-defence.

However, the ordeal is far from over. As Pete and Emma sit on the beach before heading home to Blighty (and the ex’s even have a bit of a kiss), Emma is handed a package with a single bullet in it. Wary of George's criminal contacts in Cyprus, she and Pete quickly flee for the UK.

Six months later, Emma is understandably mentally fragile, but Pete supports her and makes a big move, giving Emma a tour of the house he is having built and that he wants them to move into. 

Another surprise is that Pete has given their daughter Susie a whole bunch of money for a new salon. He says he raised the funds because his business is doing well. Hmm…

Emma then gets a call from Christina, who informs her that she wasn’t randomly targeted by Niko, and… long story short…  it becomes clear that the person who hired George to steal her money was only her own ex-husband! 

She confronts Pete, and he doesn’t deny it, saying that the money was his in the first place, he had worked hard for it, and to be honest, he doesn’t really see what the big deal is. Errrr… people have died and you had a bullet sent to your wife, Pete! 

Emma tries to leave the house but Pete pushes her and she falls down the stairs, ending up motionless at the bottom. Pete calls 999... but quickly hangs up, realising he’s in big trouble, and he instead douses the room and Emma in petrol.

He goes to get some matches but, when he returns, Emma is nowhere to be seen. She calls the police and then tells Pete that the game is up. He tries to light a match to kill them both, but Emma grabs a nail gun and shoots Pete in the face to stop him. He falls backwards, landing on a metal spike. And that is the end of Pete.

Fast-forward again, this time to a year later, and Susie and Emma are on holiday in Cyprus (seriously, would you ever go back?). Emma tells her daughter that the beach where they are sitting would be a nice spot for the beach bar she has always dreamed of opening. They have a hug, and that’s that.

Fans took to social media to react to the finale. One wrote: “Well Love Rat @channel5_tv was GOOD! Hooked from episode one and didn’t rumble the big twist until the start of the last part - great cast!”

Another wrote: “Well, I wasn’t expecting that.”

One fan said: “The ending. Wow!”

Someone else joked: “Didn’t expect Bob the Builder to have that ending,” while a pun enthusiast wrote: “Absolutely nailed this all involved.”

Some viewers, however, weren’t too impressed, with one saying: “#loverat well that was one of the best comedies I’ve seen in a while ! I’m seriously thinking it was done for #RedNoseDay”

Another wrote: “The plot was as thin as my eyebrows in the 80s.”

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