McFly's Harry Judd recalls 'therapeutic' moments with mum Emma on Celeb Race Across The World

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2 Apr 2024, 09:52

Harry Judd, Harry with mum Emma on Celebrity Race Across The World (2023)

Credit: Rex / BBC

McFly drummer Harry Judd has opened up about the “amazing” bond he now shares with mum Emma after their turn on Celebrity Race Across The World. 

Fans are gearing up for the next highly-anticipated series of the civilian Race Across The World, and this year, the new teams will have to travel 15,000 km across Eastern Asia. 

Harry and mum Emma, who took part in the star-studded spin-off last year, had fans gushing over their wholesome relationship, even throughout there were some rather stressful moments while moving through Marrakech, Morocco, and ending in Tromsø, Norway.

Speaking exclusively with, the musician reminisced about the memories he still holds from his time traversing Europe with his mum, and confessed he found the ordeal very “therapeutic.”

“There was this one train journey where we had this whole cabin to ourselves,” Harry recalled. “We just sat opposite each other. My mum bought some tapestry along and she kind of got me into stitching and it was so therapeutic.

“We had a 10 hour train journey where we didn't need to do much filming. We just did like an hour or so of filming and then we were just left alone and we just watched the world go by.

He continued: “10 hours of stitching and talking about life, it was lovely. We saw some amazing things and went through some amazing countries but [it was] having that time to just chat.”

The All About You hit-maker also confessed that the trials and tribulations on the journey brought the mother-son pair together, and Harry now makes sure to never take his mum for granted. 

The chart-topper added; “I feel embarrassed to say it but it was probably quite a natural thing with your family members and your mum and sometimes with your partner. You can take each other for granted.

“Especially the way I saw people respond to [Emma], she is a legend, she's amazing. So often these kind of huge challenges in life and things that seem daunting can really make you appreciate what you have.”

Harry has joined forces with Yotel to provide travellers with tips on beating jet lag, with around one in four of us choosing not to fly off to international destinations out of fear of being left fatigued. 

On what he does to combat the often debilitating tiredness, Harry revealed: “Power naps are good. Then on the flight, you'll see a lot of people using these but get yourself a neck pillow or any sort of pillow, eyemask, earplugs. You might look like a diva, but you need the sleep on the flight to get you ready. Also for me, staying hydrated and getting out doing some exercise, even when you feel like it's the last thing you want to do. 

“As you get moving, blood starts flowing. Exercising, getting out and walking can actually be quite energising so if anyone's about to go travelling over Easter or summer, just trust me, give it a go.”

The new series of Race Across the World premieres on Wednesday 10th April, 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.