Deadpool & Wolverine welcomes a claw-some new version of Wolverine, different to the X-Men films

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3 May 2024, 11:35

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Deadpool & Wolverine brings fresh claw to the MCU with new Wolverine, as president of the studio confirms the character will different from what we've seen before.

Hold onto your adamantium claws, Marvel fans, because Deadpool & Wolverine is about to shake things up with a brand-new take on everyone's favourite mutant.

While Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine has long been etched into comic book history, the upcoming Phase 5 (a term used by Marvel to denote each block of films that get released) blockbuster promises a fresh spin on the iconic character.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed that the Wolverine in Deadpool & Wolverine will diverge from the version seen in previous X-Men films, setting the stage for an electrifying mutant mash-up.

In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Jackman and Feige hinted at the thrilling surprises awaiting fans in the highly anticipated film.

Discussing the evolution of Wolverine's character, Jackman teased: "There are different sides of Wolverine we haven't seen before in the movies. It was exciting for me. It's great for Deadpool to have someone who will punch him in the face."

Feige echoed this sentiment, affirming that the Wolverine in Deadpool & Wolverine will offer a fresh perspective on the beloved mutant.

"We're breaking new ground with this iteration of Wolverine," he teased, igniting anticipation among fans eager to witness the mutant's next chapter.

But what prompted Jackman's return to the role after bidding farewell to Wolverine in the poignant finale of Logan?

According to the actor, the answer struck him like a bolt of lightning during a contemplative drive.

"I was about an hour into the drive, and that question came into my head: 'What do I want to do?' And as soon as I asked the question, I wanted to do Deadpool & Wolverine. I just knew it," he recounted with infectious enthusiasm.

Feige recalled the pivotal moment when Jackman reached out to Ryan Reynolds to express his eagerness to join the MCU.

"It was a game-changing decision," Feige remarked, underscoring the significance of Jackman's return to the mutant fold.

With Jackman's Wolverine poised to make a triumphant return alongside Reynolds' irreverent Deadpool, Deadpool & Wolverine promises an exhilarating blend of mutant mayhem and Marvel magic.

This latest development for the third instalment of the Deadpool franchise comes amidst another startling revelation related to Reynolds' own football club Wrexham FC.

Fans believed they spotted a surprise cameo from a star of the show, Welcome to Wrexham, in the trailer for the film which Reynolds was later able to confirm.

So, buckle up, fellow comic book aficionados, because the MCU is about to get a whole lot hairier – and we couldn't be more excited!

Deadpool & Wolverine hits cinemas on July 26, while both Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are streaming on Disney+.