The Gathering fans praise ‘compelling’ Channel 4 drama as they rush to ‘binge-watch’ 

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15 May 2024, 10:29

The Gathering (Channel 4)

Credit: Channel 4

The Gathering kicked off on Channel 4 last night (Tuesday 14th May) and it’s already hooked in telly lovers, with many getting the urge to binge-watch the entire series. 

(The Gathering episode 1 spoilers ahead!) 

The Liverpool-based drama follows a group of teens navigating school life, social media and toxic parents, with the story centring around a violent attack on a teenage girl during a rave on a tidal islet. 

The official synopsis added: “Set in Merseyside, the drama focuses on a group of teens from disparate backgrounds, each of whom could have committed the crime, along with their parents - who give equal cause for suspicion.”



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Eva Morgan stars as teen gymnast Kelly, who gets embroiled in a dangerous crime, and audiences watched on as the youngster struggled to balance her life in the gymnastics team with her love of parkour.

Kelly’s friend Jessica (Sadie Soverall) is also on the gymnastics squad, but her mother Natalie (Vinette Robinson) started a rift between the girls after telling Jessica she hasn’t made the team herself. Outside of the teen drama, Kelly’s father Paul (Warren Brown) was also arrested for a dog attack. 

The episode ends with a month-long time jump, and Kelly was pulled underwater while attending an illegal beach party. The morning after, Paul called the police after discovering Kelly is missing. 

The heightened tension clearly gripped viewers watching along at home, with many promising to binge the rest of the series to find out what really happened. 

One wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “Really enjoying #TheGathering mates. the tension of it, kids getting minced in their parents ambitions. It's really compelling. Incredible young cast and @_vinette being incredible as per.  All eps on @Channel4.”

“I've now binged the whole of #thegathering the new @Channel4 drama, I'm not going to give any spoilers apart from "I NEVER SAW THAT COMING" what a twist,” commented another. 

A third insisted: "I just binge watched #thegathering on @Channel4  so amazing , but my favourite part was seeing Rocky the mastiff at the end !!”

A fourth fan agreed, adding: “Wow,wow,wow I'm going to binge watch the hell out of #thegathering noooo way can I wait till next week, absolutely brilliant new drama on @Channel4 

Newcomer actress Eva was also totally enthralled with the story, telling and other press before the release that she found the script  “thrilling” yet “heartbreaking.”

“It was exciting,” she revealed. “Ultimately, it felt really real and authentic. I find it special reading something set in Merseyside and reading it in the Scouse dialect as well was brilliant."

The Gathering airs on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 9pm, with the full box-set of six episodes available to stream on Channel 4.