Venom 3 trailer is finally here and Tom Hardy battles his symbiote once again in The Last Dance

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4 Jun 2024, 08:38

Tom Hardy in Venom The Last Dance trailer

Credit: Sony Pictures

Get ready to say goodbye to the symbiote as Venom will return for one final outing in The Last Dance.

Tom Hardy will reprise his role as Eddie Brock in The Last Dance, and Eddie is still very much attached to his not-so-welcome symbiote friend Venom. 

According to Sony Pictures (via Variety), Venom’s third movie will be its last. The official synopsis reads: “Eddie and Venom are on the run. Hunted by both of their worlds and with the net closing in, the duo are forced into a devastating decision that will bring the curtains down on Venom and Eddie’s last dance.”



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It’s been three years since Vemon was last on the big screen in 2021’s Let There Be Carnage, which was directed by CGI extraordinaire Andy Serkis

In the high-octane first-look trailer, Brock and his violent other-half face the ultimate challenge - another symbiote alien from Venom’s home planet - all while being chased by government agents. 

“There has to be a reason they’re after us,” Eddie questions in the trailer, before Venom reveals that his “home” is after them. 

“Eddie, the time has come” Venom pleads, while they battle another giant symbiote hellbent on destruction. 

Alongside Tom, Stephen Graham is back as Patrick Mulligan, while new faces in the comic book flick include Ted Lasso’s Juno Temple and Doctor Strange star Chiwetel Ejiofor. 

Kelly Marcel is at the helm as director after writing the screenplay with Hardy. It will also be her first time directing a major movie after penning the scripts for films like Cruella and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Despite lending his talents to the second Venom movie, someone not returning is Serkis, who confirmed in 2023 that he would not be joining in the third adventure. 

He explained to Slash Film at the time: "Tom Hardy is such a good friend of mine, and I felt very proud of the work, and we had such fun doing it. To be the custodian of that franchise for a little while was great.

"I've got so many projects that I was just about to [work on], like Animal Farm for instance. We were just about to go into production with that, and then we delayed as Venom came up.

"I really have to be very on top of the ones that I've been building to do for such a long time."

The actor went on to praise Marcel’s appointment as director and added: “I'm really delighted that Kelly's doing that. She's so in control of that material with Tom.

"The pair of them are such a great team to work with. I'm really excited to see what they're going to come up with."

Venom: The Last Dance is out in cinemas in October.