Eric: Netflix reveals surprising musical star is behind Good Day Sunshine theme tune

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4 Jun 2024, 13:42

Benedict Cumberbatch in Eric (Netflix)

Credit: Netflix

It turns out that song from Netflix’s Eric that you’ve had stuck in your head is actually from a very familiar face. 

Anyone who’s tuned into the streaming giant’s latest thriller has heard the theme tune to the fictional children’s TV series Good Day Sunshine, a show that puppeteer Vincent (Benedict Cumberbatch) created, and works on while in search for his missing son, Edgar. 

Outside of the intense police mission to find Eric, Vincent begins to lose grip on reality, and tries to recreate a puppet using one of Edgar's drawings in the hope that putting it on TV will bring his son home.



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There’s plenty of drama within the halls of Good Day Sunshine before and after Edgar goes missing, and so viewers get to hear the catchy theme song a number of times throughout the series. 

A pleasant contrast to the harrowing life outside of the show, Good Day Sunshine’s song features adorable lyrics like “the trees are green and the sky is blue/the sun is up and smiling down on you” and it turns out Matilda composer and musical comedian Tim Minchin was behind the toe-tapping tune. 

Netflix shared a clip of Eric featuring Good Day Sunshine, and confirmed: “Fun fact: The Good Day Sunshine theme tune in #Eric was written by actual @timminchin, which explains why it's still in my head.”

Confirming that it was indeed him, Tim took to X to praise the intense series while also promoting the music of Eric.

"The incredibly talented and genuinely delightful Abi Morgan has made a new TV mini series #Eric," Tim wrote on social media. "They asked me to write a little song for it so I did!"

The mystery surrounding Eric is clearly continuing to entice fans, with a Fresh rating of 71% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

The six-part limited series was created by BAFTA and Emmy Award winner Abi Morgan (The Split) and directed by This Is Going To Hurt’s Lucy Forbes, who told she would jump at the chance to make Good Day Sunshine a real series. 

During our exclusive chat at the Eric UK premiere, we asked Lucy if the Eric universe could expand, and she revealed: “We have talked about it, like where would we go if we did Eric 2, what would it be? Is it the 90s and Edgar's in college?”

However, while the talented telly director did admit that Eric “ends where we left it,” she also confessed that she wouldn’t mind giving the show’s puppet series a go. 

She continued: “In my head, I'm like, ‘Wouldn't it be amazing if we just make Good Day Sunshine? We could just unpack the puppets and just make Good Day Sunshine. That would be fun!”

Someone else who might be up for more puppets is lead star Benedict, who got to learn the art of puppeteering to play Vincent

While not something he ever expected to be an expert on, the Doctor Strange star was more than happy to learn the ropes.

Benedict admitted to “At 47, I mean, there's a reason why you could sort of fanny around and have fun with that at home or something, but no reason why I never thought I'd be doing it professionally. 

“I absolutely loved it,” he confessed. “It was marvellous, what a great gift to take home to a seven, five and nine year old.”

Eric is available to watch on Netflix now.