I'm an 80s child star, Stranger Things helped me make my comeback 

Virgin Radio

16 Jun 2024, 09:31

Credit: Getty

Tami Stronach has opened up about how the hit Netflix series Stranger Things brought her back to acting. 

You will probably remember Tami for playing the Childlike Empress in the 1984 film The NeverEnding story, which also featured a very catchy theme song. 

It was so catchy, in fact, that Stranger Things, which is set in the 80s, used the song in season three of the show when Dustin and his girlfriend Suzie sing it to each other. 



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The popularity of the show, coupled with a newfound appreciation for the 80s, renewed some interest in Stronach and the 1984 film and kickstarted the actress's return to filmmaking. 

Speaking to virginradio.co.uk, Tami explained how Stranger Things is the reason she is now making her own 80s-styled fantasy film, Man and Witch: The Dance of a Thousand Steps. 

“My husband could see something in me wanted [to return],” she said. “I had a great life, I had my dance company, and I was teaching, but he understood that it would be helpful on my bucket list to do one more hurrah.”

Tami continued: “We walked by this giant Spotify advert a block from my house, and it was Falkor with Noah [Hathaway] sitting on him. [My husband] was like, ‘Take a look at that, Tami. Maybe now's the time’.

“Then, of course, the song was on Stranger Things, and I started going to conventions, and I still get letters after 40 years, like big stacks of letters. It's crazy.”

She added: “[Stranger Things] did such a great job of capturing the vibe of the 80s and the set pieces. It’s honestly one of my favourite shows, and I was very excited when the theme song came on.”

Speaking more about her return to acting, Tami explained that she never wanted to ditch the art form but needed to leave Hollywood.

“That just felt like the right thing to do at that time, but now felt like the right time to come back because this project was something that I could do on my own terms,” she explained. “It was something I could do with my family, and there's this wave of 80s nostalgia right now. It was in the zeitgeist, and it just kind of picked me up and carried me forward.”

In Man and Witch, Tami plays the titular Witch, and it was the role that piqued her interest after deciding to go towards “complex female characters”. 

The official synopsis of Man and Witch reads: “When a lonely goatherd discovers that he has been cursed at birth never to take a wife, he makes a bargain with a reclusive witch to reverse the spell, only to find that if he can't complete her three impossible tasks, he will never find true love.”

The star-studded cast includes the likes of Lord of the Rings actor Sean Astin, 80s icon Christopher Lloyd, Jennifer Saunders, Bill Bailey and Eddie Izzard.

Keep up to date with the latest news on the release of Man and Witch on manandwitch.com