Olly Murs and Mark Wright hint at Euros anthem: fans want more!

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17 Jun 2024, 15:13

Mark Wright & Olly Murs

Credit: Instagram/@wrighty_

Dynamic duo Olly Murs and Mark Wright take Germany by storm and teases fans with a new football anthem.

Our favourite cheeky chaps, Olly Murs and Mark Wright, are not just attending the Euros 2024—they're aiming to serenade us with a catchy new anthem!

The dynamic duo embarked on a road trip to Germany for England's opening match against Serbia, and let’s just say, the journey was filled with more thrills and spills than an Olly Murs concert!



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While England was busy securing a nail-biting 1-0 victory thanks to Jude Bellingham's early header, Olly and Mark were giving their Instagram followers a backstage pass to their hilarious adventure.

Starting from Mark's swanky Essex mansion, the lads faced all sorts of road trip dilemmas, from navigating the German autobahns to Mark's desperate hunt for grub.

But don't worry, it wasn't all chaos and hunger pangs. The two managed to lift their spirits with a pre-game pint and, in true Murs-Wright fashion, concocted a footie anthem that could rival the classics.

Olly, who missed his first Father’s Day with his new daughter Maddison for this epic trip, spoke first: "Wrighty had a great idea on the way here - we need an England song. I said let’s do it OK, and he said no, it has to be to one of your songs."

Mark chimed in with a grin: “A Heart Skips a Beat - remixed - ready for this summer, for you and the fans, at home and in the stadiums! Are you ready?”

And then, the magic happened.

The pair broke into a rendition: "So Saka spin me around cos football’s gonna come home, and when you cross it to Kane, you make my heart skip, skip a beat.

"I know I should but I can’t leave it alone, cos when England play they make my heart skip, skip a beat."

Fans went absolutely bonkers! Social media was ablaze with calls for the two to team up for more than just a song.

"You two are bonkers. You need your own show," one fan declared. Another echoed the sentiment, saying: "You two definitely need your own show!"

One particularly enthusiastic supporter commented: "You guys need to do a TV show together. Your stories today have been hilarious! Enjoy the football," while another added: "You two need to do a show together. The stories today have been so funny... Can't wait for the next instalment."

The suggestions kept rolling in, with one follower envisioning: "You two need your own show…road trips with food and activities," and another fan sealing the deal with, "I think we deffo need a Wrighty/Mursy road trip series - you’d both be brilliant."

Amid the football fever and creative camaraderie, Mark also had a poignant moment to share. His grandfather, Mark Wright Snr, was rushed to the hospital after a fall, prompting a heartfelt Father’s Day message.

Mark Wright Snr took to Instagram from his hospital bed, writing: "Happy Father's Day to the best - unfortunately in hospital at the moment after a fall a couple of days ago, but dad I'm on my way up to see you now."

The road trip to the Arena AufSchalke in Gelsenkirchen might have been about supporting the Three Lions, but Olly and Mark's antics have given fans a taste of something they didn't know they needed.

Could a Wright-Murs road trip series be in the works? With their undeniable chemistry and knack for entertainment, we can only hope these two legends of the stage and pitch will bless our screens soon!

England's next group game against Denmark is live on talkSPORT on Thursday 20 June from 5pm.