Clarkson’s Farm star Gerald Cooper's heartwarming heath update

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24 Jun 2024, 11:04

L to R: Gerald Cooper & Jeremy Clarkson

Credit: Prime Video

Gerald Cooper, the beloved stone wall specialist from Clarkson’s Farm, hopes to be back in action after a health update on his battle with prostate cancer.

Clarkson’s Farm has delighted fans with a positive update on one of its most cherished team members, Gerald Cooper.

The stone wall specialist, who has become a favourite on the Amazon Prime show, recently shared that he is on the mend after a brave battle with prostate cancer.



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Jeremy Clarkson, the show's boisterous host, assured viewers that Gerald is back to health after his recent ordeal.

The farming community and fans alike were devastated when Gerald revealed his diagnosis last year, with Clarkson describing him as 'terrified' and 'bewildered' by the news.

In an emotional update in series three, Jeremy revealed that Gerald had undergone surgery and was making a remarkable recovery.

"The word is he’s on the mend," Clarkson reported, bringing a sigh of relief to his viewers.

Farmhand Kaleb Cooper, known for his hands-on approach and cheeky banter, added: "That’s what we like to hear, there’s a few walls that fell down so we need him to be back at it."

Jeremy, always one for a dramatic flair, agreed: "I know we do want him back."

Fans were shocked to learn of Gerald's condition during a poignant moment on the show when Jeremy received a phone call, presumably from Gerald's wife, breaking the news: "Gerald's got cancer."

Gerald’s absence was keenly felt throughout much of season three as he underwent radiotherapy and faced numerous hospital stays.

The dedicated stone wall mender was missed by both his colleagues and fans, who followed his journey with bated breath.

By the end of the series, there was a collective cheer as it was revealed Gerald had beaten cancer.

In an emotional final few moments of the series, Clarkson provided the update everyone had been waiting for regarding the Chadlington local's health.

"I became a grandfather for the first time since we were last here," Clarkson began before gesturing at farm manager Cooper. "You became a father again."

Turning to the "G-Dog", he continued: "And you... the G-Dog... beat the big C! Thank you everybody for helping make this the best job in the world."

As Clarkson raised a glass, Cooper interjected to share an emotional speech of his own following a tumultuous few months.

A tearful Cooper turned to the crew behind the camera and said: "I would like to thank everybody, all of the film crew and all my friends here...

"All of you have been so kind to me and my family. So thank you very much."

As everyone raised a glass to him, Hogan commented: "Gerald, we're here for you all the time."

The heartwarming moment and uplifting news of Cooper's all-clear was a welcome end to a series that had delivered so many harrowing moments.

Clarkson's Farm recently shared a heartwarming social media post featuring Gerald’s trademark smile, much to the delight of fans.

The post, simply captioned: "A healthy and happy Gerald!" sparked an outpouring of support and joy from followers.

One fan enthusiastically commented: "Happy news, Gerald is my favourite from the show."

Another exclaimed: "Can’t like this enough, we love Gerald!"

A third chimed in with:"Brilliant news. A proper fighter our Gerald. Looking forward to seeing your next series. Happy Sunday."

As Clarkson’s Farm continues to entertain and educate viewers with its blend of humour, hard work, and heartfelt moments, Gerald’s story stands as a beacon of hope and perseverance.

Fans can now look forward to seeing Gerald back in his element, mending walls and sharing laughs with Jeremy and Kaleb.

His journey through illness and recovery has only strengthened the bond with viewers, who have cheered him on every step of the way.