Harry Potter star reveals HBO series return 'not something I'm looking at or want'

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24 Jun 2024, 12:00

Warner Bros Harry Potter film cast

Credit: Warner Bros

Another of Harry Potter’s original stars has revealed whether or not they would consider returning for HBO’s Wizarding World TV series.

Matthew Lewis, the Avoidance actor who played Neville Longbottom in Warner Bros’ original eight-part film series adaptation of the Harry Potter books has revealed he’s not “looking” for an opportunity to star in the new project.

Speaking with People, the actor admitted he was “not in any rush to go back to the world” of Harry Potter, despite the fact he still enjoys returning to celebrate his role in the franchise at events.



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“The reason I got into this job in the first place was because I have a very short attention span,” he continued. “I am very, very poor at maintaining anything for any length of time. I've had many, many hobbies and passions over the years. Not a single one do I still do. I fall madly in love with things and then almost immediately forget about them.”

The actor appeared to therefore suggest he was done with being a part of the Harry Potter franchise on screen.

However, he later clarified: “"It's not something I'm looking at or want to do but would not turn my nose up at. I'd be very interested to see if it was Neville as an adult - a whole different vibe. That could be interesting. I would certainly look at that and consider it.”

As it seems unlikely the new Harry Potter television show which is slated for release in 2026 will choose to focus on any of its characters’ adult lives (the series is expected to focus on re-adapting J.K. Rowling’s novels from the very beginning of Harry’s story in The Philosopher’s Stone), it seems unlikely Lewis will return to the role of Neville in the future.

Harry Potter films lead Daniel Radcliffe has also ruled out getting involved in the new show. He told E!Online in May 2024 he “didn’t think” he would be invited to have even a small cameo in the series.

“I think they very wisely want to [have] a clean break. And I don’t know if it would work to have us do anything in it. I’m very happy to just watch along with everyone else,” he shared.