Jo Brand reveals the only thing scaring her about headlining Latitude Festival

Virgin Radio

7 Jul 2024, 14:22

Jo Brand (left) Tom Allen (right)

Jo Brand joined Tom Allen on Virgin Radio UK this morning to talk about her headline slot at the Latitude Festival later this month. 

The comedian will be returning to Suffolk this year for a headlining stand-up set and opened up about the one, rather hilarious, thing that is making her nervous. 

She explained, “It’s a very relaxed festival, but the only thing that’s slightly terrifying me is the prospect of looking down at a huge group of children under the age of 10 down the front.”

And, of course, the weather is a huge make-or-break factor when it comes to festivals. 

“I was kind of thinking about it earlier. The huge issue with festivals is, what's the weather going to be like? It makes all the difference,” Jo said. 

If the weather and young children are the only thing Jo is worried about, we’re probably in for a killer stand-up set!

Jo has been a comedian since 1988 when she left her job as a nurse to pursue a career in stand-up. When asked why she still performed live, Jo joked and said it was a “necessity.” 

“It’s so straightforward. I remember thinking, before I started stand-up I really wanted to do that job because, at the time, the circuit was thriving. I thought, ‘What a job’, “ Jo explained. 

“I was a nurse, and sometimes I worked 13-hour days, but as a comedian, I could work for 20 minutes and then go home or go out to a club or something. What a perfect life.”

She added: “I did comedy and nursing for a couple of years, and that was very stressful, like driving to Sheffield and then back for an early shift and stuff like that. But once I segued into it full-time, I was amazed.”

Joining Jo as headliners in the comedy tent will be Sarah Pascoe, Joanne McNally and Judi Love.

Latitude Festival will take place at Henham Park, Suffolk, from 25th to 28th July 2024. Tickets for Barclaycard presents Latitude are on sale now.