The Traitors' Paul opens up about his and Harry's 'mind-blowing' podcast success

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9 Jul 2024, 16:09

Traitors stars Harry and Paul

Credit: BBC/@harryandpaulpod on Instagram

The Traitors star Paul Gorton is in disbelief over his and series two winner Harry Clark‘s podcast success.

The pair, who rose to fame through their appearance on series two of the popular backstabbing reality TV show, launched a true crime focused podcast called Harry and Paul are… Devious last Wednesday (3rd July).

On the show, the devilish duo (known for their time as Traitors on the BBC show) examine real-life true crime cases such as heists and robberies which went wrong - and work out how they would have done things differently to avoid such failure.



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Following the podcast’s launch last week, the pair were shocked to discover the first episode launched their podcast to the top of rankings such as Apple Podcasts’ comedy listing on launch day.

Speaking exclusively with about the two’s new show and its success, Paul explained: “I remember when the trailer came out and it put the podcast into the charts… we were like ‘Oh my goodness me.’ Even to see our names in and among all these other people is incredible.”

Wednesday’s number one ranking was an even greater surprise, however. “The reaction has just been insane…. We had a number one comedy podcast, and honestly even saying that out loud now, just- it blows my mind! Because like, Josh Widdicombe and Rob Beckett are up there. Joe Rogan’s up there!”

Making it to the top of such charts wasn’t the focus of Harry and Paul’s podcasting venture, however. “In the creation of it, the whole time, we never, ever spoke about the charts, it just didn’t even come into our brains. We just wanted people to listen to it, and you know, for people to find it entertaining.”

On that topic, Paul shared he’s most excited to catch up with fans’ reactions to Harry’s “outrageous” heist plans each week.

“It’s kind of half-scripted, half just complete comedy improv. The true crime element we want to stay really true to and get all the facts out there… but then we kind of go off piste and start hearing the outrageous things that Harry comes out with,” he teased.

New episodes of Harry and Paul are… Devious drop every Wednesday on all podcast providers.