Why The Traitors' Harry and Paul want to leave the backstabbing reality show behind

Virgin Radio

10 Jul 2024, 09:45

Traitors stars Harry and Paul

Credit: BBC

The Traitors series two winner Harry and fellow star Paul want to move on from only being known for their time on the popular BBC reality show.

The popular pair - who recently launched their comedic true-crime podcast Harry and Paul are… Devious - loved their time on the Claudia Winkleman presented show, but don’t want to rely on it for fame forever.

Speaking exclusively with virginradio.co.uk about the duo’s podcast, budding stand-up comic Paul explained: “The Traitors is amazing, and all the other TV shows that we’ve done [as a result] are so incredible, but they’re also other people’s shows, and we’re kind of like characters and parts of these bigger projects…



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“We really wanted our own project and our own foundation,” he continued. “With the podcast it’s like… ‘This is Harry and Paul’... I think Harry’s the same - out of everything that we’ve done, this is the thing that we are most proud of.”

Later in the interview, Paul stressed: “[The Traitors] is the greatest thing that’s happened to me and Harry, and it’s allowed us to get where we are. But I kind of think [we] need to move away from The Traitors and let it just have its moment…

“Season three is going to come out next year and then [those contestants] will have that limelight,” he reflected. “What me and Harry want to do - in the most polite way as possible - is have our own foundation and our own layers and go and explore more of the entertainment world, and have The Traitors stay in that beautiful bubble from January.”

The famous Traitor did admit, however, that the pair would consider returning to a future Traitors-based spin-off show if the format was changed to include even more dastardly twists.

“This is mine and Harry’s idea so we want a cut of it if it ever does become a thing,” he joked. “The idea of having 22 Traitors around the table, to me, sounds absolutely incredible… like that would just be a catastrophe, and it’d be the best thing in the world to watch.”

New episodes of Harry and Paul are… Devious drop every Wednesday on all podcast providers.