Muse hope for a 'hip-hop' vibe on next album

Virgin Radio

8 Nov 2016, 14:50

So Muse have announced they hope to suffuse their next album with a more hip-hop vibe.

The superstar band, who have released a total of seven studio albums to a slew of hits and awards, have revealed the next turn for their music in an interview with Magazine. 

The band's lead singer, Matt Bellamy, told the magazine: “I wanna try and make a hip‑hop album.

“I think I’m gonna starting rapping on our eighth studio album.”

They also revealed that they want to take a leaf out of the Pokémon Go handbook and experiment with augmented reality on their next world tour. 

And let's face it - they are Muse. Rap, augmented reality, they'll pull it off with style.

Watch this space for more Muse news - looks like it'll be lively.