Adam Driver on his new film and his 'aggressive' bus driving lessons

Virgin Radio

8 Nov 2016, 15:44

Adam Driver popped by the Virgin Radio studio for a chat with Edith Bowman. 

The actor and model has seen his career go from strength to strength, with leading roles like Kylo Ren in and Jamie Massey in . 

Driver currently stars in , in which he portrays a bus driver and poet from Paterson, New Jersey who struggles to cope when a small disaster threatens to shatter the life he leads with his wife.

He told our breakfast host that he knew he wanted to work on the film before reading the script or meeting the director, and revealed how a series of "aggressive" lessons gave him the skills to drive a bus.

"As soon as I knew it was something, I was in," he told Edith, "Reading the script was more of a techicality.

"I was already committed before I met the director. It was a bonus that I loved the character. 

"It was during the summer when I learned how to drive a bus. The guys who were teaching me were mostly school bus drivers and they just hated kids. 

"It was an aggressive way to learn to drive, they would say things like 'you gotta check behind the tyres because kids are stupid, you don't want to back over kids because they're dumb'."