5 rock 'n' roll artist moments

Virgin Radio

12 Nov 2018, 10:48

21 years ago today Paul Weller was arrested and spent the night in a French jail after smashing up his hotel room. His record company paid £4,000 to cover the damage; Weller was released the following day.

They say 'variety is the spice of life' and this certainly could not be more true that in the life of our treasured rock 'n' roll stars. To celebrate there ego-fuelled antics we look here at 5 of the most rock n' roll moments through the ages.

In no particular order:

1. John Lennon claims to be “more popular than Jesus”

Theoretically correct – the Beatles’ cultural cache was expanding exponentially in 1966 while church attendance was dropping sharply – but you don’t . 

2. Liam Gallagher claims to be the reincarnation of John Lennon

On the theme of outrageous and unsubstantiated claims - despite being born eight years before Lennon’s death, in an interview with The Observer in 2002 Liam Gallagher claimed that he was the reincarnated soul of John Lennon, further confusing the entire concept by continuing “I don’t think I am. I think I was. He’s me now”.

3. Michael Jackson floats huge statues of himself down major rivers

If Alexander The Great was releasing a half-compilation half-new album you might expect vast effigies of his image to walk on water around the globe. Ditto Michael Jackson, obviously.

4. Bono calls up The Pope from the stage

Okay, so it was all under the guise of his ‘Zooropa’ era alter ego MacPhisto, but during the segment of U2’s 1993 ZooTV Tour where Bono would call up various numbers from the stage and leave silly in-character messages he went from calling cabs and automated weather services to various world leaders, Princess Diana and the Pope.

5. Paul Weller smashes up French hotel room and spend night in French jail

Supposedly the story goes that Paul went drinking in the hotel lounge with the local reps from his record company, but the bar shut down at 11 PM. The record reps apparently headed home, but Weller returned to his room, drank its mini-bar dry, then called the front desk and demanded the hotel reopen the main bar. When management refused, Weller took it out on the room by banging on the walls, throwing around the furniture and ripping up the carpet.

The police were called and Weller was arrested. He apparently spent eight hours behind bars before being bailed out just before noon the following day. The damages, roughly £4,000 worth, were paid by the concert promoter. As far as rock star tantrums go - this has got to be up there!