Guns N Roses’ Slash sets the record straight on when to expect a new album from the band

Virgin Radio

15 Jun 2019, 14:07

Slash was previously quoted as saying the band had made enough songs for the album that they’re currently working on.

In an interview though with the publication Rock Cellar he set the record straight with the true progress of the album.

He clarified: “There is material that Axl’s Rose, vocals been working on for a while. It could be enough for a record if we put it all together. The whole thing of Guns N’ Roses getting in the studio and getting this record done – with myself and with Duff McKagan, bass and all that – it’s really just getting started. So it’s really hard to say.”

He went on to say that the band all had material they could use in the music sessions, adding “It’s just a matter of us focusing on it.”

The band’s last studio album, ‘Chinese Democracy’, was released in 2008.