Viewers in awe as Holly Willoughby gives her own printer to a homeschooling mum

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7 Jan 2021, 13:11

Homeschooling is no walk in the park - more like a day in the ditch - so viewers were left gobsmacked when TV presenter Holly Willoughby told a struggling mum she could have her own printer on This Morning.

The surprise happened during a phone-in with agony aunt Deidre Saunders while talking to mum in need, June. The printer-less parent was calling for help while in the dark hole of homeschooling, unable to cope.

Agony aunt Deidre asked that anyone with spare or unused technology, like computers or printers, donate them to local schools. 


Credit: ITV

A concerned Holly told the single mum-of-three at the end of the call in: "Please don't worry if you don't home school every day.

"I actually have a spare printer, you can have that printer! It's just sitting at home and we never use it. 

“I will bring it in tomorrow and you can have it, and that will sort your printer issue out. I'll bring it in so stay on the line."

The shell-shocked mum said: "Oh alright, yes, thank you so much Holly!"

Viewers couldn’t believe the kind gesture and wrote on social media: "Holly giving her spare printer is so heartening!”

One wrote: "Holly is so lovely, how can anyone dislike her?!"

Another added: “That lady is trying to home school and that’ll mean the world to her."

Another wrote: “Aww that was so nice of Holly, she really is a lovely person.”

The presenter missed the start of the week with Rochelle Humes filling in for her on Monday and Tuesday - but fortunately it wasn’t Covid related.  

The host had faced ‘issues with her childcare’ and wasn’t able to find anyone to look after her brood.