Struggling home-schooling families offered free data from Sky, Virgin & more

Virgin Radio

7 Jan 2021, 15:25

Parents in a credit crisis can take advantage of free data from networks including Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Three, Vodafone, BT and EE who have generously signed up to increase data allowances in order to assist those in need. 

Following the closure of schools until February half-term, struggling families on low incomes are being provided help through the tough times.

Network providers have joined forces with the Department for Education (DfE) where there are a range of possibilities offered to help with the load while the children are learning at home. 

For example, unlimited data is being offered by Three to assist disadvantaged children, while BT's EE is offering 20GB of data per month for nothing.

Vodafone has also generously offered 30GB of data for free to schools and colleges for those without deep pockets. 

This can only be taken advantage of if the household:

1. Does not have fixed broadband at home

2. Cannot afford additional data for their devices

3. Are experiencing disruption to their face-to-face education

The network providers are offering support for schools and less fortunate families through the "Get Help with Technology" programme, available from students in years 3 to 11 who are being homeschooled using a mobile internet connection whilst in the pandemic. 

Here’s how the support can be claimed:

If a child’s school has shut due to Covid-19 and a household can’t afford broadband or an increase to their data plan, they will be eligible for support.

If you need support, requests will have to go to DfE website via schools, trusts and councils.

You will then be asked to give the DfE the account holder name, mobile number and network information.

Once a network provider has processed the data increase, they'll let you know directly.

Disadvantaged children can receive 4G wireless routers, or a data increase if a child has access to a mobile phone on one of the following providers:

Sky Mobile Three Smarty Virgin Mobile EE Tesco Mobile O2 Vodafone

For more information email using the subject line ‘Increasing data allowances’.