This is the most hated episode of Friends

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7 Jan 2021, 16:47

Friends is one of the most loved TV series around, years after it was first released. There are 236 episodes in total, and die-hard fans know the words to every single one.

The fans have spoken though, and there's one episode that stands out as the most loathed. It comes as no surprise that Emily is at the heart of it. 

The least favourite episode is 'The One With The Invitation' from season four. This is according to fans rating instalments on IMDB.

In this episode, Rachel receives an invitation to Ross and Emily’s wedding.

The invite was sent after much thought (and more than a little disapproval from Emily). Ross decided it was a good idea to invite his ex-girlfriend to their wedding in London. Rachel knows it's a bad idea as she still loves Ross and doesn't want to see him marrying another woman.

She decides she’ll stay in New York with a very pregnant Phoebe instead. The unusual episode consists of mostly flashbacks looking back at their up-and-down relationship. Let's just say it wasn't the most straightforward union.

If you want to know the most loved episode, found that 'The One Where Everyone Finds Out' is the best of all nine seasons.

In case you've forgotten, it's the one where they all learn that Monica and Chandler have been secretly dating.

For something new to look forward to, later on this year the whole cast of Friends will appear together for the first time for an HBO Max reunion. it was originally meant to happen in 2020 but the pandemic delayed it.

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