Poundland gives autistic superfan an employee of the month badge, T-shirt & toy

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7 Jan 2021, 16:54

Pandemics really can bring out the best in people. A Poundland store has given a little supercustomer a special T-shirt, badge and truck to take home.

Mum Melanie Lord shared her pride on the social media page Poundland Appreciation Society to say how she'd been touched by the discount store.

As regular customers, her son had been given a uniform two years ago by head office and they have gifted him another one to see him through lockdown.

The mum wrote online: "Some may remember my son who is wonderfully autistic, who was gifted his own uniform two years ago from head office.

"His favourite shop is Poundland. He loved adding my shopping up before Covid came long.


Credit: Facebook

"Well today I was kindly given a brand new uniform for him, an employee of the month badge and a collectible truck from Poundland Lowestoft North Quay store.

"My son is struggling with the news of school closures and it was given to me, to give to him to make him smile and it certainly has done that."

"He is busy playing shops now with it all, so thank you Poundland."


Credit: Facebook

The sweet story has over 2.9k likes with people charmed by the tale.

A user commented: "Well done Poundland," a second added: "How lovely, have fun little man!" 

Others commented in their droves, applauding the shop's generosity.