Mrs Hinch helped a woman to turn her furniture company into a £5m business

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15 Jan 2021, 14:17

Molly Robson has an empire worth millions thanks to a little TLC from the clean-queen Mrs Hinch. 

The co-owner of furniture company Shabby Store reached out to Mrs Hinch and she soon received a message back from the social media pro - which changed her life.

Molly told The Sun’s Fabulous: "It was a real pinch-me moment. Her outreach is enormous and it changed everything for us.”

In 2018, the Shabby Store originally had a yearly turnover of £300k but after two years of Molly’s work, has reached £3m and due to hit £5m by 2022.

Molly told Fabulous: "I've always been quite entrepreneurial and I knew when I started my first business at 18 years old that I wanted to work for myself."


Credit: Instagram

Former estate agent Molly said" "I loved looking at interiors of the homes I was selling and had always followed ShabbyStore on Instagram."

When she found out Shabby Store was for sale, Molly jumped at the chance because she knew it was the "perfect project" she'd been waiting for.

"My parents thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to put all my money into ShabbyStore. They never told me not to do it but they said, ‘just be careful’. I knew there was something in it and I went for it anyway."

Molly soon sent Mrs Hinch a £250 chandelier and a £75 ginger jar which was a huge boost for their sales. 

She recalled: "When she posted that first picture of the chandelier, people just flooded to the website. We've sold thousands and can never keep it in stock.

"At the time we only had 111,000 followers. But whenever she tagged us on Instagram, the growth was just crazy - we'd suddenly gain 25,000 new followers in one day from her.

"She's also bought quite a few things from us as well so she's a genuine customer too. She's been lovely to work with.


Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

“It's amazing because these celebrities that can buy any furniture that they want, actually want your products," Molly added.

"We've had to move warehouses multiple times over the past two years as we keep outgrowing them and every time I view the new one, I always think 'this is going to be way too big.' It's been a real dream come true."