You can now buy a white chocolate Oreo easter egg

Virgin Radio

15 Jan 2021, 15:15

Yes, it's only January but what with lockdown who's to say there are any rules. 

Give your weekend snack plans a boost, as easter eggs are starting to appear in the shops already.

On your next trip out for essentials and loo roll, nobody would judge you for throwing one of these into your trolley or your next online shop.

Cadbury have excelled themselves with a white chocolate Oreo easter egg.

An Instagram account dedicated to finding the most exciting new snacks made the discovery.

Reviewers have been impressed by how thick the egg is, with plenty of Oreo pieces inside it.

"This is delicious, as expected!" the caption reads.

Commenters are very excited by the news. "Do you know how excited I am for Easter eggs mouth is watering at this," said one.

Another added: "I want one!"  while someone else said: "Realising that Easter is just around the corner has brightened my lockdown".

This isn't the only new white chocolate egg available though.

How about a Twix one?

Something tells us we'll all be having more Easter eggs than ever this year.

Would you give them a try?