Jamie Oliver sends fans wild with unusual garden ingredient used for new recipe

Virgin Radio

25 Mar 2021, 12:50

Jamie Oliver has ignited chaos in the kitchen by suggesting a new surprising recipe. Although not to everyone's taste, the serving suggestion sure does look pretty - even though it may have left a not-so-sweet taste in people's mouths.

The celebrity chef shared a clip on social media and encouraged people to pick the secet ingredient from their gardens.

He said: "Hi guys, hope you're well. Now, this is a beautiful magnolia tree and what I've recently found out is you can pickle these and they turn into the most incredible ingredient, like pickled ginger for sushi. Absolutely amazing."

He explained in the comments: "Beautiful magnolia trees are flowering in all their glory but they're not just for looking at!!

"Yes they are edible and delicious and I have to say this pickle has blown my mind, amazing with rice dishes noodle dishes cured meats the texture is silky but crunchy and it's got a delicate ginger-like flavour absolutely fabulous!

"Who would've known anyway... have you tried this? How do you use them if you do? Happy cooking guys, much love Jamie."

This Morning's Holly Willoughby commented: "No way!" Jamie replied: "Yes way, so easy and so good."

Fans added: "So, so gorgeous! I wish ours was flowering. I better resist picking them off the neighbours' trees!"

Another wrote: "Mind BLOWN!"

While one user commented: "What a clever way to celebrate spring. I'd love to try this."