Line Of Duty fans are certain that Joanne Davidson is related to bad boy John Corbett

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25 Mar 2021, 13:01

Fans of Line of Duty are giving the AC-12 team a run for their money in piecing mystery clues together. The new series has started with a bang and the somewhat splintered pros are piling in on Joanne Davidson (Kelly Macdonald) following an unconventional dealing of a murder investigation.

Whether she's one of the good guys or not is still questionable, but fans are convinced there's a family tie that connects the dots and leads us to the truth. 

The first episode of Season 6 saw Joanne going back to her security-tight flat with multiple locks on the door indicating that she might be in danger from an Organised Crime Gang (OCG).


Credit: BBC

Eagle-eyed fans noticed how she looked at a photograph with sadness in her eyes while drinking a glass of wine. Although she said she has no family, the picture shows a young-looking Joanne with her arms round a recognisable female aka Anne-Marie McGillis, who was the former police informant and mum of former bad egg John Corbett.

Viewers watched last series as the undercover officer (Stephen Graham) was revealed as a fully-instated gang member who we last saw having his throat slit in gory scenes.

Could Joanne be John's sister? Fans took to Twitter to express their suspicion of the uncanny connection.

One user commented: "So when I was watching Line of Duty, I saw this picture and immediately thought of Anne-Marie McGillis?! Surely?! Can I join AC-12 now?"

Another asked: "Could Davidson be Corbett's sister?" 


Credit: BBC

A fan added: "I'm calling it now, Davidson is going to be Corbett's sister."

One viewer wrote: "Am I completely off or did anyone else think that photo in Davidson's flat looked like Corbett's ma from series 5?"

Get set for more thrilling twists and turns - the show's executive producer Simon Heath said a scene this series will "break the internet".