Scooby Doo film fans are freaked out after seeing pre CGI footage in backstage clip

Virgin Radio

25 Mar 2021, 13:44

Avert your eyes now if you don't want the magic of animated movies and the memory of your favourite cartoon dog ruined forever. It's not that we were expecting to see a real pooch playing the infamous four-legged friend - but it definitely wasn't what we had in mind. 

TikTok user Filmlersokagi has shared behind-the-scenes videos from a range of top movies including the 2002 hit that use the wonder of CGI - but it's left fans shocked at seeing their beloved Scooby Doo behind the mask.

Instead of a cute pooch, under the Scooby disguise is a scary-looking actor in costume wearing a harrowing green mask covering his face.

What were we expecting? A dog actor? Maybe. But it's left viewers feeling violated seeing the uncovering of the CGI magic.

One user wrote: "I could've gone my whole life without knowing the truth..."

Another added: "This feels illegal."

One shocked fan mused: "Omg life will never be the same".

Also featured on the TikTok page is footage from I, Robot and Dumbo if you want your mind blown further.