Mum shares child's chat on TikTok and spooks out followers

Virgin Radio

25 Mar 2021, 14:27

There's a fine line between cute child's play and a Chucky from Child's Play moment. One parent had her own spooked-out mindmelt while her daughter was playing on her own with what people have suggested is a ghost.

TikToker Jess was listening to her daughter having a happy, fun time playing solo - but it all turned a bit more sinister when the mood changed and the child slammed the door and talked to her creepy imaginary friend.

Painter and photographer mum Jess shared: "My daughter was laughing maniacally in the bathroom by herself.

"And I thought it was the cutest thing so I started recording until..."

The child says abruptly to herself and her 'friend': "No one leaves the room."

With imaginations running riot, 2.3 million people have viewed the footage, while followers warned: "You definitely have some spirits (in the house) because kids can see them."

Another advised: "Move out of the house now."

One user added: "The ghost was scared of her, they tried running away from her."