Shocked Martin Kemp meets distant cousin paramedic who rushed daughter to hospital

Virgin Radio

25 Mar 2021, 14:48

How's this for a dose of mind-blowing family fate? Martin Kemp has been left gobsmacked after meeting a long-lost cousin who happened to be the same paramedic who previously took his very ill daughter Harley to hospital.

The star appears in ITV documentary DNA Journey with his son Roman - and they both face some sentimental and surprising home truths along the way.

Tracking down their family history together, the duo meet up with their distant relatives Pat, Jacqueline, Tabitha and Coulumbe who are connected through Pat’s grandmother’s grandfather.

After talking to the ladies, paramedic Tabitha tells them that she's worked in the role for nearly three decades.

She said in the episode: "I’m a paramedic and I have been for 26 years. I’ve actually been out to your house in the ambulance to see your daughter, me and my crew mate Amanda."

The musician replied: "It’s just mad. I remember, I remember Harley being really ill. What can I say apart from thank you? At the time when you came in the house you never knew."

Roman added: "I find it so strange that one of our cousins took Harley to the hospital. Harley would find that so weird."

"She was looking after just a member of her own family," Martin replied.

More tear-jerking scenes emerge as Martin revisits his underprivileged background.

He shared: "We could take our mum and dad on this incredible journey that they’ve never seen, they ended up touring the world, hanging out with one of the biggest bands in the world at the time."

An emotional Roman added: "That is a world that is so far removed from mine, I’ve grown up with everything I’ve ever wanted.

"Even today I hear about my dad and the house he’s from, and the house I’m from. You hope the people that set that up for me and family, you hope they know that."