Wagamama have made a katsu curry smoothie

Virgin Radio

25 Mar 2021, 16:17

Sure, everybody loves a katsu curry - but in a smoothie? Fans aren't sure about this one.

Wagamama has released a new smoothie, and usually, that would consist of fruits and vegetables, maybe some sort of nuts and seeds.

But katsu curry?  The katsu smoothie is packed with apples, bananas, pineapples and their infamous katsu curry sauce.

Before you think it's a joke (and it's not April Fools, we checked!) it turns out it's all for a good cause.

On the Instagram post, they wrote: "We can't meet at our restaurants just yet. so, we reimagined a classic. introducing the katsu smoothie. made for walking + talking."

Commenters definitely weren't sure.

"This can't actually be real," said one.

Another added: "Mmmmmm imagine the breath from that," 

A third person wrote: "I mean I do love a Katsu chicken, but do I love it enough to drink a Katsu smoothie hmmm"

Wagamama responded with: "We wouldn't joke about katsu!"

They also tagged a youth mental health charity called Young Minds UK. and announced all the profits from the 'conversation starter' smoothie will go to charity.

Young Minds replied in the comments, writing: "Best smoothie ever".

If you're brave enough to try a Katsu smoothie for yourself, it is available exclusively on click and collect in twenty restaurants between 24th March and 7th April.

Tom Madders is the Campaigns Director at YoungMinds.

He said: "Our partnership with Wagamama has already been really successful in helping us reach more and more young people, and the Katsu Smoothie will certainly get people talking!"